SIE Congress fra den 2. til den 4. juli 2021 i Krakow i Polen.

SIE Congress fra den 2. til den 4. juli 2021 i Krakow i Polen.

Her vil 100 året for Soroptimisternes arbejde blive fejret.

Find information her og der kan I også læse om guidelines for de posters, hvor vi kan fortælle om unioner og klubber. Deadline for indsendelse er den 31. december 2020  


I forbindelse med 100 året for Soroptimistarbejdet udarbejdes der en ny hjemmeside med dette motto:   “We stand up for Women for 100 years – SIE celebrates 100 years – 100 Soroptimists”, 

We need your input to fill this website with life. I’m sure that many clubs have a standout Soroptimist who has made a difference to her club, Union or community.

Please write about her in no more than 500 words and send your nominations by September 30th 2020 to the following address:

From all the entries, we will select the 100 women who best personify our ideals. Let’s commemorate the SI Centenary by celebrating our members! Hvem skal SI Danmark fortælle om?

Some suggestions for selection:

– someone who is a particular role model in terms of her profession or achievements

– someone who has made an extraordinary contribution to her community

– someone who embodies our values or has changed the lives of women and girls in a unique way.

The time has come for us to come out of the shadows and show the world who we are. We need your input!!!! We look forward to receiving your suggestions for candidates!